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Common for all of Max pictures is a lively presence and a warm and absorbing feeling of vitality. His pictures have an open and inviting presentation. He is himself lively and captivating and has the ability to immediately create a relaxed but professional atmosphere where he with ease establishes an open channel to the model or the team. He has mainly worked as a fashion photographer, and has solid experience of working on location, as well as in studio.

Max is known for his speed and confidence behind the camera, skills that he has honed during the fifteen years that he has worked independently as a freelance photographer both in and outside of Sweden.

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Hypnosis – Max Alm-Norell

Contact: +46 (0)73 – 785 06 06

PR-agent: Nathalie Bergström
Contact: +46 (0)73 – 316 00 37

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